Chemical Free Self-Cleaning Electrolytic Scale Remover

July 29, 2019 at 10:39 AMadmin

Chemical Free Self-Cleaning Electrolytic Scale Remover

·         By applying electrical power between the anode and the cathode, a chemical reaction is activated and electrolysis process takes place.  Water from the cooling tower pond is circulated through the electrolysis scale remover reactor.

·         Many Power Industries having Natural Draft Cooling Tower where the problem of Algae Growth and Scaling in the complete water circuit. The ElSr system will be resolved both problems at a time, by using Electrolysis Process.

·         Due to the electrolysis process, the floating calcium molecules get deposited on the cathode and the water returns to the process, reduction of calcium.

·         The main ingredients of scale in water systems (MgCO3, CaCO3, Mg (OH)2, SiO2) are almost completely removed from the water in this process.

·         Typical mineral scales in hot and cold domestic water distribution systems and also in evaporative cooling systems are largely calcium carbonate. Therefore, injecting a solution, even a dilute one, of HOCl and HCl should produce the same reaction.


1. Prevent scale precipitation.

2. Control the formation of bacteria.

3. Control the algae and slime.

4. Prevent legionella. 

5. Prevent the corrosion.

6. Reduction in blow-down water quality.

The continuous operation with Manual & Auto cleaning of Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover is explained and the same is self-explanatory.


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