Tiaano’s Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover for Natural Draft Cooling Tower

August 27, 2019 at 3:48 PMadmin

Tiaano’s Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover for Natural Draft Cooling Tower

‘Tiaano ElSr-ND’ is an online treatment system, widely accepted product design for large capacity cooling towers in Power station, Refinery etc.  It is a reliable turn-key project with trouble free operation of 24 x 7, functions by Electrolytic technology leads Zero chemical usage on water treatment. ElSr removes suspended solids like fly Ash, leads zero dirt contamination, produce active Oxidation, and leads to zero inhibitors / corrosion.  It is an automatic self-cleaning system clean the entire cooling tower water circuits.

 In chemical dozing the maximum water conductivity can be 2500 µs, resulting high level bleed-off.   Whereas, Tiaano ElSr operates in cooling tower with the conductivity ranging from 4500 to 5000 µs, savings up to 50% of blow down. 100% of blow down can be used for Gardening without further treatment as chemical contamination is not there in the blow down. 

Cycles of circulation increases considerably by multifold about 10.  Delta ‘T’ remain same or improves considerably.  Improves approach value of Chiller.

Savings on…

Ø  95 MW savings pa from one MW capacity thermal power plant, by means of enhancing the turbine performance, due to the installation of Tiaano ElSr-ND. 5 mm Hg condenser back pressure (positive pressure), increase 0.5% of the turbine heat rate which effects, reduction in power production of 2.52 MW per hour in 210 MW thermal power plant, impact 95 MW savings pa from one MW power plant.

Ø  100% savings on Chemical – No additives and recurring consumables. 

Ø  100% re-use of chemical free water.

Ø  50% minimum savings in blow-down.

Ø  Lay man operation, with lesser technological risk.



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