Major features of Tiaano ElSr System

September 13, 2019 at 1:35 PMadmin

Major features of Tiaano ElSr System


ü  There is no chemical required.

ü  Blow Down water will be saved minimum 80%

ü  The Blow Down water is not toxic

ü  Electricity will be saved.

ü  10 to 50% savings on labour cost,

ü  05 to 15% of energy savings of cooling fan,

ü  02 to 30% energy savings on Cooling Energy,

ü  02 to 20% Saving on Boiler Energy in Power Plants.

ü  In our Self Cleaning System it is a plug & play automatically.

ü  Cycle of Concentration (COC) shall be increased.

After installation of ElSr, over a period of time existing scale also deteriorated. It is a Green Technology & Environment friendly.


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