Our Newly designed Chemical Free self-cleaning Electrolytic Scale Remover for cooling tower water treatment

October 16, 2019 at 11:33 AMadmin

Our Newly designed Chemical Free self-cleaning Electrolytic Scale Remover(ElSr) for cooling tower water treatment

Tiaano incepted on 1992, installed over 5000 electrochemical water treatment systems in 63 countries.

Chemical free self-cleaning (Fully Automatic) Electrolytic Scale Remover, our new innovative product is an online treatment system, widely accepted product designed for the application of cooling tower water treatment.

Advantages of Tiaano Self-cleaning ElSr:

ü  Avoids the need of chemical treatment and dosing equipment.

ü  Continuously cleans the Cooling Tower basin water and removing dirt.

ü  Saves up to 80% of the blow-down water.

ü  100% of blow-down water can be re-used for irrigation or services.

ü  High performance sand filter cleans water and capture solids.

ü  Automatic self-cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and scale.

ü  Controls and kills bacteria, prevents growth of algae.

ü  Operation of the tower at up to 4500 μs/cm without forming scale.

ü  Requires no additives or consumables.

ü  Low operating and maintenance costs.

ü  Robust long life.

ü  Absolutely environmentally safe.

ü  Optional automatic bleed control.

ü  Optional configuration for alternated cleaning of the closed circuit.

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