Seperation of Scale using Electrochemical methode – Eco friendly

November 2, 2019 at 6:36 PMadmin


Seperation of Scale using Electrochemical methode – Eco friendly


Scaling occurs as a natural process. The minerals like calcium, magnesium etc are accumulated in the water. Over a period it stick to the insides of pipes eventually causing a blockage.

In RO Plants, thousands of membranes are constantly under pressure separating salt from water. To help avoid blockages, antiscaling chemicals are used to treat the water before entering the system. Eventhough anti-scaling chemicals help, scale deposits still build up on each membrane which then requires a chemical flushing to avoid fouling.

To avoid all these problem, We Tiaano introduced a system called “ Chemical free RO feed water Pre-treatment system.

Major Advantages:

ü  100% savings on chemical.

ü  No need of softeners.

ü  80% savings on labour cost.

ü  02 to 20% Boiler Energy in Power Plants.


ü  Green technology.

ü  Minimum Bleed Loss.

ü  Low energy Consumption.

ü  Modular design.

ü  Zero Toxic Sewer Load.

ü  No toxic chemical storage hazard.

ü  Small footprint.

ü  Easy operation.

ü  Low maintenance.



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