Recoating of Anodes for Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover

November 20, 2019 at 11:58 AMadmin

Recoating of Anodes for Chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover

Tiaano is pioneer in Manufacturing of Anodes and with the same so many equipments developed. The developed equipment installed and commissioned in various industries with providing warranty period of 5 Years.  The life of the anode shall be extended some more time with our recoating on the same Anode. Hence we undertakes   refurbishment activities for various types of anodes. Coating of anode can be done only at our factory premises with the well experienced technicians. Globally, customers are well aware that Tiaano never compromise on quality.  Also, Tiaano supplied large volume of anodes with 5 years warranty, out of which some are working more than 5 years without necessity of refurbishment work.

Anode play a vital role in the water treatment application. Tiaano manufacturing different types of product for water treatment industries. One among them is “Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover”. MMO Coated Anode is used for this application. When we supply DC power between Anode & Cathode. Anode produces sodium hypo chlorite and cathode produces caustic which creates high pH in the vicinity of cathode. High pH causes scale to be deposited in the reactor.


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