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Tiaano innovated a Chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover for resolving the scaling issues/de-scalant using Chemicals/anticorrosion/erosion problems globally. This system can be used for treating fresh water / STP treated water/Hot water/RO Feed/Cooling Tower/Condenser/Chillers/Humidification Spray Chamber /Pharmaceutical Process Water circuits.  It separates/observe the scale by using the principle of electrolysis without adding chemicals (zero chemical) and it’s below image is self-explanatory.

Tiaano’s Chemical free ElSr is using different types of applications.

1.    Cooling tower Water treatment.

·         Natural Draft Cooling towers

·         Open & closed type Cooling Towers

2.    Drinking / process water Disinfection.

3.    Agriculture & Spray nozzles protection.

4.    Hot Water System.

5.    Ro Feed Pre-treatment.

Electrolytic Scale Remover benefits:  By using Tiaano’s Chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover can be taken care of protection on

  • Scale Formation.
  • Algae Formation.
  • Slime Formation.
  • Waterborne Bacterial growth.
  • Disinfection (prevent legionella).
  • Creates an alkaline pH environment that prevents corrosion. 


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