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Ti Anode Fabricators Private Limited was established in the year 1994 as a sole proprietorship company. Since then, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying a comprehensive range of Electrolytic Scale Remover (Elsr) , Electro Chlorinators, Platinized Anodes, Titanium Anode and Cathode, Chlor - Alkali Chlorine Anodes, Cathodic Protection Anodes, Thermo well Sensor, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Anodes and Cathodes, Heat Exchangers and much more.

Changing Cooling Tower Treatment by giving a Non-Chemical, Comprehensive and Effective Treatment against Scaling, Corrosion and Bio-Fouling. This electrolytic scale remover framework works in side stream without upsetting Cooling Tower activity.

Cooling towers utilize this equivalent rule of evaporative cooling to cool a constant progression of water. Cooling towers are basically enormous boxes intended to augment dissipation of water. To do this, they contain material, normally PVC plastic sheets that make huge surface regions for water dissipation to happen.

A cooling tower is a specific intensity exchanger wherein air and water are carried into direct contact with one another to decrease the water's temperature. As this happens, a little volume of water is vanished, decreasing the temperature of the water being coursed through the pinnacle. The attached in image self - explanatory. 

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