Chemical free, Cooling Tower Water Treatment by using Electro Ionization Technology

July 19, 2018 at 2:45 PMadmin

Dozing chemicals or acids in cooling tower water treatments results deposition of excess minerals that are responsible for corrosion and fouling.  Electrolytic Scale Remover manufactured by Tiaano, Chennai, India; is an Electrochemical devices that soften the cooling tower water using specific low - voltage and high - frequency electrolysis technology without the use of chemicals. 


Tiaano’s Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) guarantees 100% Chemical free techniques which provide the cost-effective and resourceful method of cooling tower water treatment. Both the cooling water and makeup water are continuously circulated until it reaches 80% scale - free, thus blow down is limited and Cycle of Concentration is increased.


Tiaano's Electrolytic Scale Remover utilizes the naturally available minerals in the high TDS cooling tower water and generates ON-SITE biocide, hence it acts as the disinfectant, anti-fouling, and anti-bio fouling agent. It improves and enhances the calibration of heat exchanger efficiency.


This technology master more than 40 years and installed more than 6000 equipment globally. Moreover, it does not require termination of the plant operation for sake of cleaning the reactors. It is very simple to clean, this task utilizes a day or so. We provide simple manipulation, working and positioning fitness with reduced manpower.


Product Performance 

M/s. CETEX, Chennai has the major issue on their cooling water circuit like Scale formation, Fouling, Bio-fouling, Corrosion and etc.  But, it was a complicated until they installed our Tiaano ElSr / CT - 600. After the initiation of our ELSR skid they could find the difference in the performance of the existing system. The skid was designed for 600 TR.   Now the Cooling Tower is free from scales, sledges and corrosion. Delta T is also maintained constant.  And also they are enjoying the parameters of …


Ø  Reduction in Blow down.

Ø  Increased Cycle of Concentration.

Ø  Maintaining Constant ‘Delta T’


CETEX Profile:

M/s CETEX is being the most admired Indian specialty chemical company through world-class performance creating value for all stakeholders. CETEX was established in 1990 with Technology from Edeleanu Gmbh, as Cetex Petrochemicals Ltd. It is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Organization located in Manali, Tamilnadu.  The main objective of them is to constantly innovate new products and manufacture those ensuring high standards of safety, corporate governance, social responsibility environment protection and business ethics.

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