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Tiaano’s Portable Electrolytic Scale remover is an independent equipment, getting immersed inside the water tank separately out of the cooling water circuit.  Water from the cooling tower pond is continuously circulated through the ‘Tiaano-ElSr’. Process of scale removal is getting carried out, when the ‘Tiaano-ElSr’ is connected to power and water flow through it. ‘Tiaano-ElSr’ could be operated manually and maintained manually.

o    Reactor is immersed in a tank.

o    Electrolyser / cell in vertical.

o   Electrolyzer made of titanium substrate with a very durable catalytic metallic oxide coating,   suitable for brine temperature between 5 °C to 50°C

o    Based on the quality of water and salt input, the scale will get deposited  on cathode, it will   be monitored on regular basis and cleaned as and when required. 

o    Made from titanium substrate, plate material as per ASTM B 265  & 348 Gr.2

o    Platinum group precious metal MMO coating on anode surface for Chlorine production. 

Benefits of using Tiaano’s Portable Electrolytic Scale Remover:

ü 100 % Saving on Chemicals.

ü 60% to 70 % saving on blow down water.

ü 10% to 50% savings on daily labour.

ü 20% to 30% savings on water.

ü 02% to 30% savings on Chilling energy.

ü 02% to 20% savings on boiler energy.

ü 05% to 15% savings on cooling fan.

ü Prevent scale precipitation in CT circuit.

ü Control the formation of Bacteria.

ü Control the algae and Slime.

ü Prevent the corrosion.

Please your enquiry through – elsrmktg@tiaano.com

Ph – 8838982037

Website – www.scaleseparator.com


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