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Electrolytic scale remover  model Elsr is a totally new technology, for resolving the scale, corrosion and bio-fouling problems in cooling water systems with cost effective. The main advantages of this method are 

·         Increase Cycles Of Concentration (coc)

·         Reduce blow-down

·         Maintain or reduce approach value

·         Reduce Electricity

·         Prevents scale deposits on the elements of the cooling tower

Electrolytic scale remover system is a chemical free scale remover system that not just descales the heat  exchangers of any cooling water circuit but also simultaneously disinfects the water so that algae, bio-fouling, and growth of micro-organisms is prevented.

Introduction of hydroxyl ion (caustic) to recirculating cooling water results in conversion of bicarbonate, fostering calcium carbonate precipitation. Electrolysis can provide the caustic to promote precipitation, capture, retention and removal mechanisms necessary to create a fully functional treatment strategy. The system can be installed in the existing cooling water pipe work without any major alteration in the water circuit. The system is acting as on anti-scalant (or) a side stream descaling arrangement. The attached below in image self-explanatory.

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