Electrolytic Scale Remover-A New strategy for control of Hardness, Scale, Sludge, Corrosion, Bio-fouling and Reducing water wastage in Cooling Tower system

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ELECTROLYTIC SCALE REMOVER (ElSr) - A New Strategy for Cooling Tower System

Every system designer and End –user has to deal with many different criteria for the design and operation of Cooling Tower water system. These criteria may include simplicity of operation, reliability, lower discharge of waste water or inexpensive lifetime costs.

 Most cooling tower equipment is difficult to access. Because limited maintenance resources such as staff, training, or budgets make it problem. The primary factors that disturb cooling tower monitoring is chemicals dozing to prevent biofouling, scaling, and corrosion. This can cause,

          Reduction in plant productivity

          Plant downtime

          Costly equipment replacement down the road.


Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) is a new descaling strategy introduced by Ti Anode Fabricators Private Ltd, CHENNAI, INDIA; to prevent new deposits such as Ca and Mg at the electrodes. Tiaano Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) act as an effective on-site Biocide. We perform the work with unique incorporation of expert Craftsmanship, finest Equipment and Space to ensure successful outputs. And also delivers world- class quality products that meet or exceed customer expectations, since two decades.


A NEW DESIGN - Tiaano’s ElSr:

Tiaano’s Electrolytic Scale remover (ElSr) supports 100% chemical free technique. This innovative technique incorporates a clean, eco-friendly alternative for the foul free system. The water flows through the electrolytic chamber which is made up of MS casing. It encloses the cathode and anode. By applying DC-current between the anode and cathode, a chemical reaction is initiated within the system. In and around the cathode environment, reduction and sedimentary processes occur on a basic pH-level. Likewise, at the anode oxidation occur on an acidic pH-level. Both the cooling tower water and makeup water are continuously circulated until it reaches 80% removal of scales.

 The main ingredients of scale in water systems (MgCO3, CaCO3, Mg (OH) 2, and SiO2) are eliminated completely at this process.



          Scales collected are removed /separated from the ELSR kit manually.

          Anodes replacement can be done at 30% of its capital cost after its lifespan.

          The power utilization per M 3 of water re-circulation is 0.0026 Kw.


PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS - Tiaano’s Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr):

M/S VIMTA LABS, Hyderabad has the major issue in their Cooling Tower System like Scale formation, Fouling, Hardness in water, and Corrosion. So they tried out the old technique which did not supported them.

Due to scarcity of water blow down was restricted. The main drawback of descaling in Cooling towers and Heat exchanger using chemicals dosages faced by Vimta labs was,

          Destruction or replacement of parts occurred.

          Fluctuation in the system parameters like Delta T, Cycle of Concentration, Blow down.

          Plant operation in OFF mode.

          Manual cleaning of fine parts of the system

So, would it be safe to assume that ELSR has been the Ideal option to them. On the other hand they also aim to remove the scales without adding Chemicals, Tiaano ElSr treats the cooling tower and heat exchanger system by Electrolysis process in eco-friendly manner.

Now after using Tiaano‘s Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr);

          Cycle of Concentration was increased

          Blow down was minimized

          Temperature and Pressure were maintained

          No scale or Algae formation

After successful performance, they upgraded 400TR to 800TR. Tiaano supports the Vimta labs  by providing best service of regular check-ups that, they don't have until ElSr was installed.


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M/S Vimta Labs is India´s leading contract research and testing organization. It was established in 1984 and is a company driven by its vision and enduring strength. It has been supporting many national and overseas companies for more than 3 decades, for their third party testing, research and outsourcing needs.

Vimta is a team of 984 professionals comprising 605 scientists in various disciplines such as Chemistry, Pharmacy, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular biology and Informatics. The team is slated to double in next three years. Vimta is a multi-site organization with more than 300,000 sqft world-class laboratory facilities. VIMTA Registered Office (Clinical Site), Hyderabad, India 70,000 Sq. Ft. Modern Laboratory facilities, hosting cGMP Lab Services.


Ti Anode Fabricators Private Ltd has over serving the utility Companies worldwide for Two decades. We employ a skilled set of designers and engineers, and a knowledge production team to convert raw material into high precision parts. We are proving our Excellency in chemical-free technologies for water disinfection by introducing ELECTROLYTIC SCALE REMOVER (ElSr). It is an absolute 100% chemical free solution for isolation of Bacteria’s, Bio-fouling, Scaling, and Corrosion from Cooling Water system. Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) supports;


          Negligible Bleed loss

          Low power rate

          Customizable structure

          Zero Toxic sewer load

          No storage of Hazardous Chemicals

          Simple handling and easy installation.

          Low maintenance cost.

 If you have any questions, be sure to visit our website for more information about scale separation (www.scaleseparator.com)


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