November 16, 2021 at 2:49 PMadmin

Analysis of a Typical Scale Deposit and Bacterial infection from Operating Cooler on Cooling Water System


Normal rate of deposition rate has been analysed in Cooling water circuit and the parameters like, pH by weight of 6.3% , Loss of Ignition by weight of 22.02%, Fe as (Fe2O3) by weight of 57.2%, Ca as CaCO3 by weight of 4.91%, Phosphate as PO4 by weight of 2.52% and Silica & insoluable by weight of 13.35% have been observed.

The above deposit result indicates that Cooler was rusted due to formation of corrosion products (Rust, Fe2O3).  Also there is a biological bacterial growth (Bio fouling) due to regular Cooling Water System. 

To resolve all these, Bio fouling (Algae growth/ Bacterial growth), Corrosion and fouling (Scaling) issues, Tiaano innovated Skid Mounted Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr). Since, there is an in situ Chlorine Generation, which can disinfect the bio fouling.  Also the cathode can attract all the conductive salts which can be removed by the wiper mechanism and the same will be caught by the media filter. Hence the treated water is scale free. The attached image which was drained before media filter is self-explanatory.



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