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Prestige Shantiniketan is an integrated township in Whitefield, Bangalore on a total of 105 acres developed by Prestige group. It is the largest fully constructed township in Bangalore as of 2017

The Residential Precinct has an area of 67 acres and includes 24 high rise Towers housing a total of 3002 apartments. This precinct includes an 8 acre park known as the Central Park. Three Towers are 16 floors each and the remaining 4 Towers are 12 floors each. Six of these 7 Towers are in a single crescent shaped building. The other tower is in a separate building of its own (near the Forum Mall).


Tiaano®, an Indian expert of water disinfection by using electrolysis was found in 1992 with the goal to provide high-quality water treatment solutions especially, Scale separators (Tiaano ELSR-CT), water chlorination using Titanium Nobel Metal Anodes

Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Removers are installed to rule out the Bio-fouling, Corrosion, and Microorganism growth in cooling water structure. PSN project is enclosed with 4 set of 1200 TR ELSR for all the seven towers. The equipments in the system includes 7 cooling Tower (1200 TR units), 7 chillers (1200TR each), 3 stand by cooling towers. The installation was completed in Dec 2015. The Cooling Tower has two main featured, the first is the Blow down and the second is the make-up water.  The chemicals are removed, Electrolysis process alone is carried out with the electrodes to separate the scale formation from the cooling towers water Circuits. Hence number of cycle of concentration increases, blow down decreases, and make- up water utilization is minimized.


With the help of Tiaano ELSR, the chemical free treatment is implemented in the site.   Descaling by oldest technique consumed more hours of operation for acid washing, cutting out and blocking pipelines in shut-down mode. But now Time has been saved, burden was eliminated as well as the cost of the chemicals are reduced. Moreover no wastage of excess of water, only less power consumption is obtained. They felt and experienced the better choice of solution for water disinfection and scale removal.   

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