Introduction about Electrolytic Scale Remover

July 11, 2018 at 1:51 PMadmin

Tiaano ventured and developed a Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr).  It removes the scale by electrolytic operation without adding chemicals (Zero Chemical).   It generates Oxidants in the water; Oxidants mitigate the Corrosion, Bio-fouling, Micro-Organism growth, Scaling, & spread of airborne bacteria. 


Passing DC current from positive element to the negative element, it creates high pH in the vicinity of the negative. High pH causes the scale to be deposited in the reactor. The water is not soft at the outlet of the ElSr, but the scale-forming ions have been reduced to a level that prevents the precipitation in Water distribution system. ElSr will precipitate all scale-forming ions, not just magnesium and calcium but other ions that are susceptible to dropping out the liquid at high pH Viz., Silica, Fe, Manganese etc.


Scale / Slime fouling on Condenser results reduction in heat transfer.  One mm thick of scaling  will cause 30% more energy consumption.  Because of Ionization in ElSr, scale precipitation occurs; once the scale precipitated, it never adheres to the Condensers/cooling tower Water distribution system – it leads no further scale build up, slowly the existing scales also peels out in due course.  Resulting maintain ‘DELTA T’ as it is when you used descaling agent or improves. Thus Electricity is saved. 


We request you to go through the enclosed brochure and  send us your valuable inquiries by filling our questionnaire through the given link for our quote. Meantime, if you have the technical queries, please feel free to call us for the immediate assistance.  For details, please visit our website| for Video visit the link | and for PPT visit the link 

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