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Humidity chambers are utilized in large number of Textile industries to maintain the level of Relative Humidity to standardize the quality of their products.

In addition to the Textile, other applications are applicable such as

·         Pharmaceutical Industries.

·         Rubber Industries.

·         Plastic Industries.

·         Textile Industries

Pharmaceutical Industries:

In order to maintain the highly humid environment for storage of medicine and drugs.

Rubber Industries:

To avoid the hardening or crack or melting of rubber in the normal atmosphere, , humid environment chambers are required.

Plastic industries:

To measure the effect on the mechanical and physical properties of plastic products in a humid environment and high temperature.

Textile Industries:

Maintaining the temperature and humidity play very important role in the manufacturing process of textile yarns and fabrics. The properties like dimensions, weight, tensile strength, elastic recovery, resistivity, rigidity etc. of all textile fiber whether natural or synthetic are influenced by Moisture Regain. This Moisture level (Relative Humidity) is maintaining between 65% to 75%.

Working Principle:

The water is spraying through the Nozzles in Spray Chamber and the same spray is blowing by heavy duty Fan. In this condition the moisture air is spreading in the manufacturing area and the condensed water falling back to the water sump.  With this circulation process, due to the minerals in the water, the nozzles are getting blocked and hence failed to do job properly.


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