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An effective method to diminish seawater corrosion of metallic structures such as ship hulls is cathodic protection. Generally sacrificial anode or impressed current cathodic protection are used for this purpose. Basically Platinum anodes are designed for this purpose. Platinum is an excellent anode material due to its high conductivity and low consumption rate. Due to its high cost, Platinum is made practical for use by electroplating a thin layer over a high corrosion resistance substrate. Since Titanium, Niobium and Tantalum substrates are having the ability to form an insulating oxide film under anodic conditions, they are all most commonly used as anode in ICCP.

Coating Titanium with Platinum is the effective method since it support to Anti- corrosion. However the Titanium substrate has the strong adhesive nature for platting, it is used frequently. The platting is carried out by immersing the Titanium metal in Platinum bath. Here Titanium serve as the cathode and platinum act as the Anode. The bath consist of different type of salts. When the platting action is executed properly coating can be achieved up to 10 microns. Only few are successful in platinum plating because of the difficult Technique. But Tiaano's is one of the expert in the manufacturer of Platinum plating and coating Anodes.



·         Substrate – wise:

Among them, Titanium is less expensive; however, it has a much lower breakdown potential than Niobium or Tantalum. The titanium oxide breaks down at anodic potentials in the 12 V range. Tiaano offer Platinum and MMO-surfaced anodes on different types of substratessuch as,

·         Tantalum.

·         Niobium.

·         Titanium


·         Dimension- wise

The Platinum and MMO forms an oxide when electrically charged. Tiaano’s anodes are manufactured in form of

·         Strip/Disc                                                                   Cantilever                

·         oval,                                                                          Piggy back

·         Ribbon mesh,                                                           Discrete/embedded

·         Tube, tubular string                                                  Ladder

·         Canister/Tank bottom                                             ICCP cables

Platinum and MMO have long life in all services and operate in all natural waters. Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd., (Tiaano®) India offers Platinized Titanium Anodes and Platinized Niobium Anodes for Electrochemical and Metal Finishing Industries.


·         Application -wise

Anodes we design for the following applications are as follows;

·          Electrolytic Regeneration of Chromic acid.                         Electro dialysis                              

·       Electrolytic Production of Sodium Hypochlorite.                   Electroforming                                                                    

·         Electro synthesis of Inorganic & Organic chemicals.            Cathodic Protection.

·         Electrochemical Sensing.                                                         Electro winning and refining of metals.

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The active coating is characterized by it's

·         Low Consumption rate

·         High Current Density

·         Good adhesion to the base material

Cathodic Protection Principle:

There are two principal methods of applying cathodic protection, namely the impressed current technique and the use of sacrificial anodes.Reducing or eliminating altogether corrosion by making the metal a cathode by application of either an impressed DC current or attaching the metal to a sacrificial anode.

Impressed Current Systems

Impressed current systems provide the same electric current as galvanic anodes by the discharge of DC current from a relatively inert anode energized from an external DC power source, such as a transformer rectifier or thermo electric generator. Impressed current system anodes include materials such as graphite, silicon iron, platinized precious metals and lead alloys. It is employed in large ships.

Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt Ltd  is the expert of Anode manufacture for the protection of ship hulls.


  Sacrificial Anodes

Sacrificial or galvanic anodes rely on the galvanic corrosion of a more reactive metal to produce current, e.g. Aluminium anodes, Zinc anodes, or Magnesium anodes. Sacrificial anodes are most commonly used to protect metallic structures in electrolytes because of their simplicity of installation and maintenance free operation.

Tiaano design anodes for usage in all types of aquatic storage and process equipments. The anode has proven to operate effectively in fresh, brackish and salt water and is not adversely affected by Chloride concentration.



















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