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In many locations, regular water with hardness levels of 400-800 mg. High calcium levels can prompt scaling, particularly assuming pH levels are permitted to rise, which produces whitish scale forming at the water circuit or all around the pool.

The most common cause of calcium scale in pools is the result of high calcium hardness, over 400 ppm, yet is triggered by high Alkalinity, high pH and high water temperatures. Some will tell you to drain the pool if over 400 ppm, but not necessarily with installed Electrolytic Scale Remover.

Calcium carbonate scale can form along the waterline of the pool as evaporation increases during the summer. Scale itself is a white translucent color, but is often mixed with dirt and algae to appear darker.

Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover

 Tiaano introduced a chemical free self-cleaning electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) for swimming pool water treatment, it produce oxidant in the water. Oxidant mitigate the corrosion, bio-fouling, micro-organism growth, Scaling & spread of airborne bacteria.

Passing DC current from negative element to the positive element, it creates high pH in the vicinity of the negative. High pH causes scale to be deposited in the reactor. The water is not soft at the outlet of the ElSr, but the scale forming ions has been reduced to a level that prevents the precipitation in water distribution system.

Water Requirements:

The pool water should not be softened. If it is softened, there is no calcium ions or magnesium in the water, the hardness and electrical conductivity are so low that the process of electrolysis will be slow, resulting in poor effect.

The conductivity should be more than 750 µs/cm, total hardness should be more than 400 mg/L. then the effect of treatment will be obvious.  The attached below in image self-explanatory. 


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