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“ElSr” is a skid mounted system to reduce the scaling components’ concentration in cooling water by forced precipitation in the reactor through electrolysis of cooling water/makeup water in cooling water circulation system(s) (separating and taking out conductive solids from the liquid). Since the scale components contained in cooling water/makeup water can be separated by this, the amounts of water treatment chemicals not at all required and makeup water used can be reduced drastically. Water can be kept clean without environmental load as it is nonchemical and hence it is Green House Atmosphere.

Advantages of Elsr:

Feeling the impacts

Through genuine use, you can feel the impacts of eliminating scale from cooling pinnacles and funneling. You can see the scale with your own eyes since scale parts in water are hastened inside the Reactor.

 ● Slide mounted System and simple to send

The principal framework, for which FRP based reactor is embraced, is lighter in weight and simpler to do than the co provider's framework. Additionally inbuilt line and fittings with Control Panel as pre-assembled framework. Accordingly, the framework can be placed into activity as Plug and Play System with interfacing Electric power and water bay, with no sort of establishment trouble.

 ● Promptly testable

You can make an on the grounds that the construction is straightforward contrasted and regular water course frameworks. Since the siphon is basically lowered in the water tank or pit under the cooling tower, new water funneling work isn't required. Since the power expected for ElSr in DC power, an overall outlet can be utilized.The attached image of chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover (Elsr) in self-explanatory.


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