Scale Remover without Chemical Dosing for Humidity Spray Chamber Application

September 29, 2021 at 9:23 AMadmin

Humidification Spray Chamber

The humidification spray chamber is mostly used in the Textile Yarn Threading plant.  The efficiency of the humidifier will depend on the ambient temperature; thus in a hot climate there may be little temperature change within the hygroscopic element and negligible condensation. Under optimum conditions, however, an inspired air humidity of over 25 g m−3 may be achieved with some types of HME. At high minute volumes the HME is less efficient and a general problem with HMEs is that secretions may be deposited on the spray nozzle.




The continuous recirculation and spraying result in dirty water building up in the sump. In order to reduce the incidence of infection to occupants and fouling of the nozzle, water treatment with biocides and softening of the water supply are required. The sump is complete with strainers in a position that allows easy access for cleaning.

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