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Since 1992, Tiaano manufacturing electrolyzers [Anodes & Cathode assembly], by using Inert Metals.  Later the Electrolyzers are started manufacturing and using for lot of water related application.  At moment, Tiaano manufacturing 35+ products, including Electro-chemical equipment.  CHEMICAL FREE ELECTROLYTIC SCALE REMOVER (ElSr) for cooling tower water treatment and Pre-treatment of RO feedis one among them.


Tiaano ElSr - Advantages

·   ElSr will precipitate all scale forming ions, not only Magnesium, Calcium but also Silicates (silica), Ferrites (ferum), Manganese and other cations which are all not removed by softeners.

·         Reductions in RO maintenance, fouling and cleaning.

·         RO load will be reduced & total load on RO will be unchanged.


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