/// Questionnaire – Pretreatment of RO (Reverse osmosis) feed


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RO feed pre treatment
 Source of Raw Water *
No of storage tank / Well
Tank capacity, if raw water from storage tank in liters
  Water flow into RO Element (RO Feed)*
Conductivity in µs/cm
Total alkalinity as CaCO3 in ppm
Chloride as CaCO3 in ppm
Total hardness as CaCO3 in ppm
Calcium as CaCO3 in ppm
Magnesium as CaCO3 in ppm
Iron Ions in ppm
Turbidity in NTU
Sulphate as SO4 in ppm
Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) in ppm*
Silica as SiO2 in ppm

Product water outlet from RO Element*   Water reject from RO element *      

Special note if any :

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