* Cooling tower Water treatment

Recirculation flow rate
Ton of Refrigeration (TR)


Your Model Number is: TIAANO ELSR-CT/25

* RO feed water treatment

Feed rate to RO
in KL / Hr.


Your Model Number is: TIAANO ELSR-RO/1.0K

Tiaano® established its operation right from its inception in 1992 with well-equipped latest in-plant facilities & qualified engineers in offering Quality, Economy & Delivery of electro chemical equipments, Engineering equipments and Turnkey Projects under single platform. Recently Tiaano ventured and developed a Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr). It removes the scale by electrolytic operation with Zero Chemical. It generates Oxidants in the water; Oxidants mitigate the Corrosion, Bio-fouling, Micro-Organism growth, Scaling, & spread of airborne bacteria.

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ElSr - CT ElSr - RO

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ElSr - CT ElSr - RO

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ElSr - CT ElSr - RO
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