/// ElSr Warranty & Conditions

/// Mechanical Warranty:

Ti Anode Fabricators private Limited (Tiaano) warranty that; ‘Tiaano ElSr’ system supplied is brand new, manufactured with first class workmanship and good manufacturing techniques. Mechanical warranty of Tiaano ElSr, lasting 12 months from the date of first start up or 18 months from the FOB (Tiaano Factory) delivery date whichever period ends earlier. During the period of mechanical warranty, the customer shall have to notify (with complete details / description about the problems including the model number, Invoice number, date of shipment and current operating conditions) to Tiaano; if any defects or deficiencies arises. Tiaano shall provide technical assistance and replace the parts if necessary for the removal of the defects and deficiencies. If need be, Customer has to dispatch the defective parts like electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes / cathodes to Tiaano’s site by customer’s responsibility for necessary repairs and rectification. The customer shall bear the transport cost.

/// Limited Warranty:

Warranty for DSA / MMO coating on electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes / cathodes shall have 60 months on Pro-rata basis from the date of its commissioning. I.e., if any failure in the DSA / MMO coating or failure of electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes during the first eighteen months from the date of its commissioning (subject to the condition under mechanical warranty), Tiaano shall arrange to repair or replace the electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes if deem required. Thereafter, it will be strictly governed under pro-rata warranty for the remaining period within eighteen months. The interpretation of pro-rata warranty will be governed under International standards and norms.

/// Exclusion:

Our warranty does not cover any damages or injuries resulting from misuse, negligence, and normal expected wear and tear, corrosion due to undue reactions, improper installations, and irregularities in cleaning, operation not in conformity with factory recommendations / user Manual. The warranty won’t cover the electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes / Cathodes that has been modified, tampered with or altered without authorization. No other extended liabilities stated or implied and in no circumstances covers incidental or any consequential damages / injuries / cost resulting from defective products.

/// Post – Warranty:

Once the warranty period is over, the customer / owner is expected to maintain the electrodes / electrolyzers / anodes / Cathodes continuously to enhance maximum life and quality. The reconditioning or refurbishment of the Unit, if required, shall be the responsibility of the owner and Tiaano may be approached for necessary guidance and advice.

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