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Tiaano is a chemical free water treatment system for the cooling towers. It is different than other non-chemical devices & it works on the principle of electrolysis of water. Water is treated in Electrolytic Reactor and this treatment works in the side stream, without disturbing the main cooling water flow. Water from the cooling tower sump is pumped through the electrolytic reactor where the electrolysis takes place. It separator Scale and Reduces Blowdown up to 50%.

Electrolytic Scale Remover Benefits:


v  Configurable according to the water quality.


v  Monitors, regulates and maintains chlorine at the desired level.


v  Requires no additives.


v  Low operating and maintenance costs.


v  Applicable for hard water treatment.


v  Effective operation at water temperatures up to 55 °C.


v  Environmentally safe.


v  Scalable for the needs of the smallest to the largest institutions.

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Electrolytic scale Remover

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