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Tiaano’s Chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover is used in both Open & Closed type cooling tower water treatment system without using any chemical and softener. The following things are controlled while using our Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale remover (ElSr),

1. 100% chemical dosing has been stopped.

2. 80% of Blow-down water will be saved.

3. Electrical Consumption has been reduced.

4. Increasing the efficiency of chiller.

5. No Algae Formation.

6. Bio-fouling, growth of bacteria have been protected/killed, since there is an    insitu production of chlorine cl2 in the form of sodium hypo chlorite.

Electrochemical technology, wherein ElSr attains the chemical decomposition by electrical current.  The treatment system to provide controlled electrolysis in a reaction chamber to…

1. Prevent scale precipitation.

2. Control the formation of bacteria.

3. Control the algae and slime.

4. Prevent legionella. 

5. Prevent the corrosion.

6. Reduction in blow-down water quality.

The continuous operation with Manual & Auto cleaning of Chemical Free Electrolytic Scale Remover is explained and the same is self-explanatory.



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