Chemical Free Scale Separator Demo Kit

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Easy Operation Plug and Play Model easy to carry for business associate to promote the product in big way.


The Tiaano Portable ElSr demo unit (Tiaano ElSr – P / D) should be vertically placed inside the bottom tank of the cooling tower Basin or Sump.The electrodes should be fully immersed in the water .

Connect the AC incoming power 230 V, 1 Phase, 50 Hz to the Pulse Dozer.

Check whether the electrode cable terminals are connected to the Pulse Dozer. If the terminals are not connected, connect them as follows,

PD Positive → Anode (Red cable)

PD Negative → Cathode (Black cable)

Check the display of Voltmeter, Ammeter and the LED indication on the Pulse Dozer.

Adjust the Potentiometer till the DC voltage reaches at 11 V, corresponding DC current will depend upon the conductivity of the cooling tower water.

After 24 hours operation the scale will be deposited on the electrodes.

Switch ‘OFF’ the system and clean the electrodes.

During cleaning of cathode, you need to remove the PVC End Plate at the bottom of the Portable ElSr Demo Unit. Then remove the scale inside and outside by using not metalic brush.

Then reinstall the PVC End Plate for further Demo.

Standard Operating Procedure 

Portable ElSr Demo Unit

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