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Ti Anode Fabricators Pvt. Ltd. Is pioneer in manufacturing of Anode, cathode and Electrolysers using the Anode & Cathode.  Also we do supply the Anodes alone OR Electrodes (Anode & Cathode) independently as per the customised requirement. This kind of Anodes or Electrodes used for Scale remover applications and also all kind of water disinfection applications. Many of our co suppliers, OEM, too, buy the electrodes from us and they supply the scale remover as a complete system. This kind of electrodes are different types like mesh type, plate type, tubular type, etc.

Once the electrodes are powered up, it will react with water and precipitate and separate the conductive salts from the water, which are key factor for the scale formation.  Also our Anodes are MMO coated Titanium Anode which can work with any kind of cathode like, Titanium, MS, SS etc. But always the titanium based Electrodes are giving more life on the water related application. Tiaano provide 24 months warranty for the electrodes.  The attached image for one type of Anode is self explanatory.

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