Electrolytic Scale Remover -Innovative Solution for Cooling Tower Water Treatment without chemicals

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Tiaano can proudly say that they hold a Chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr). Ti Anode Fabricators Private Ltd is the only supplier in the industry capable of manufacturing customized Scale remover with zero chemicals.


Neutral Electrolyzed Water is a solitary product that proved its efficiency in the field of water treatment. It is the final product of the electrochemical process with water, salt and electricity. The primary component obtained during the process is hypochlorous acid (HOCL) and HCL. It dissolve the scales and other deposits contents in water systems.

Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) is one of the non –chemical technique and the best throughput giving product that removes all kinds sludge’s, Bio-fouling and microbial organism with aid of electrolyzed water in any Aquatic system. Its application field ranges from oil refineries, power plants, chemical industries, Electronics and Aerospace industries.


The common water contaminants results in scale or sledge deposits at the cooling towers and boilers. The major four types of impurities are Hardness, Alkalinity, Silica, and Iron.

Hardness: It is due to Calcium and Magnesium in water. So they deposits scales 

Alkalinity: It also the one of the factor to form scale

Silica: It is a tough sediments on heat transfer equipment and power generation equipment.

Iron:  The dense deposit of iron is found in heat transfer equipment

BACTERIA: Many microbial organism, Bio-fouling agents also gets accumulated along areas of pipe structure.


According to scale formation theory, the water contains all types of minerals and dissolved solids. The carbonates of Calcium and Magnesium are insoluble in water. Meanwhile Co2 level in water changes according to the water pressure. When the water temperature rises, Co2 escapes leaving the Ca and Mg ions becomes insoluble in the water system. Thus scale is formed. In order to eliminate scaling, the Ca and Mg ions must be removed from the water.



ElSr removes the scale or dust without adding chemicals by the electrolysis process. It produces oxidants in the water; and in turn, these oxidants suppress the corrosion, bio-fouling, Micro-organism growth and airborne bacteria.

By applying DC power supply between the anode (positive) and the cathode (negative), a chemical reaction is activated and electrolysis process takes place. Water from the cooling tower pond is circulated throughout the electrolysis scale remover, it creates high pH in proximity to the cathode. High pH causes scale formation in the reactor.

Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) will precipitate all scale-forming ions including Magnesium and calcium and also Silica, Ferrum, Manganese etc.

The ionization process prevents the scale formation in the condensers / cooling tower system surface areas and also the existing scale gets the peel off due to the precipitation.

As a result of anti-scalant ‘DELTA T’ is sustained and improved, hence Power consumption is minimized. But scale/slime formation reduces the efficiency of the heat exchanger and leads to 30% of power increase.                            


·         100% Chemicals saved

·         No softeners

·         Save up to 60-80% on blow down.

·         20-30% of water saved

·         Save labor cost up to 10-50%

·         05-15%  of energy savings for cooling fan

·         The Cooling energy is saved up to 02-30%

·         Save 02-20% on Boiler energy


·         Scales collected are removed /separated from the Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) unit manually.

·         Anodes replacement can be done at 30% of its capital cost after its lifespan.

·         The power utilization per M3 of water recirculation is 0.0026Kw. 


Ti Anode Fabricators Private Ltd has over serving the utility Companies worldwide for Two decades. We employ a skilled set of designers and engineers, and a knowledge production team to convert raw material into high precision parts. We are proving our Excellency in chemical-free technologies for water disinfection by introducing ELECTROLYTIC SCALE REMOVER (ElSr). It is an absolute 100% chemical free solution for isolation of Bacteria’s, Bio-fouling, Scaling, and Corrosion from Cooling Water system. Electrolytic Scale Remover (ElSr) is used;

·         To bypass product contaminations like Corrosion, Bio-fouling and microorganism growth.

·         To dissolve/separate Scales rapidly and to provide systematic descaling.

·         To save power consumption.                                        

·         To prevent consumption of Toxic Chemicals.

·         To ensure perfect capitals

·         To prevent offline cleaning

If you have any questions, be sure to visit our website for more information about scale        separation (www.scaleseparator.com)


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