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Tiaano design, fabricate, testing, supply installation and commissioning of various type of water related products, using exotic Metals.  These equipments are regularly exporting to various countries. One of our innovative products is Chemical Free Self Cleaning Electrolytic Scale Remover(ElSr). This system used to separate the conductive salt from the water by precipitating and ionisation.  Normally during the recirculation, depends the change in temperature, algae/different bacteria forms. To disinfect this bio fouling organism,  ElSr Anode generates Sodium Hypo Chlorite (NaOcl-Chlorine) which  is disinfecting algae and Cathode generates caustic, which attracts all the conductive salts travels in the water.

Thus the precipitation occurs and all the conductive salts will be adhered to the Cathode. So with the same level of TDS the precipitated ions cannot adhere in the down stream of the water circuit wall.  One of our regional representative procured and installed in his local customer @ South Korea.  

 The attached images is self explanatory.

Tiaano Elsr

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