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Prior to installation of Chemical Free Elsr, there was a concern that removing the biocide from the water would result in a buildup of algae in the cooling towers.  After installation of Tiaano’s ElSr, the site personnel stated that the cooling tower’s fins are in good condition and the cleaning is not at all required. The ElSr generates inbuilt chlorine and it disinfect the buildup of a dark slimy substances that was normally present.  This results in reducing the annual cleaning is from time to time.


ü  Saves upto 50% blowdown water

ü  Reduction in maintenance cost

ü  Zero chemical required

ü  Enhancing cooling tower effectiveness

ü  Automatic self - cleaning mechanism

ü  Increasing 2-3 times COC

ü  Automatic blowdown control

ü  Environment friendly technology

ü  Reduction in STP treatment cost

ü  ROI less than 1 years

ü  Reduction in operational cost 



v  Airports

v  Business Centers

v  Commercial Complexes

v  Hospitals

v  Hotel

For further details our web site can be referred. Please your enquiry  through – 8838982037, elsrmktg@tiaano.com






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