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Scale remover is a Chemical free water treatment system for the cooling tower utilities it is different from other chemical base scale remover devices & it works on the principle of Electrolysis. Water is treated by Tiaano Electrolytic scale remover reactor and this treatment works as side steam system without disturbing the existing cooling water circuit. Water from the cooling tower sump is pumped through the Electrolytic reactor where the Electrolytic reactor where the Electrolysis takes place.

DC current is passed through Anode and Cathode of reactor. At Cathode OH- ions are generated, which enhance the pH environment at the walls of cathode. This results into precipitation of calcium and magnesium salts present in the water into the Electrolytic reactor. Chlorine gas is generated at anode which acts as disinfectant for the biocide, bacterial growth and algae formation at the cooling tower.

Chemical dosing in the cooling towers are totally eliminated. As the scales are removed physically into the electrolytic reactor, it is possible to operate cooling towers at higher levels of TDS or Conductivity, result into reduction of cooling tower blow down water. Electricity consumption, and increasing the Cycle of Concentration (COC). The attached image of chemical free Electrolytic Scale Remover (Elsr) in self-explanatory.

Product details:

Application      : Electrolytic Scale Remover

Raw Material   : Titanium / MMO

Installation by  : India

Designed by    : Tiaano, India


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