Salt Free Electrolytic Disinfection System

July 11, 2018 at 1:56 PMadmin

Tiaano introduced and developed a Salt and chemical free electrolytic disinfection system ElDs-Cl2 is an  Electrolytic Disinfection & Scale Separation Unit, which produce the chlorine in the form of sodium hypochlorite by using naturally available sodium chloride in the ground water.  And separates the scale by electrolytic operation with out adding chemicals (Zero Chemical).  

Passing DC current through positive element to the negative element, Positive element generates chlorine and negative element creates high pH in its vicinity; high pH causes for separation of scales available in water and it will be deposited in the reactor.  The water is not soft at the outlet of the ElDs-Cl2, but the scale forming ions has been reduced to a level that prevents the precipitation in Water distribution system. ElDs-Cl2 will precipitate all scale forming ions, not just magnesium and calcium but other ions that are susceptible to dropping out the liquid at high pH Viz., Silica, Ferum, Manganese etc.  


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