Case Study – A Ionization by Electrolytic Scale Remover

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Case Study – A  Ionization by Electrolytic Scale Remover


 Water Quality Analysis

Through the analysis of water quality with “ElSr” installed in one of the two cooling water systems of the experimental facilities, we obtained the results as shown in the following graph. Both of the cooling towers had a capacity of 100 TR and they were about the same in load status. It can be seen that the electrical conductivity rose gradually, and the water quality worsened with time in the cooling water system without “ElSr.” The Tiaano ElSr, as such does not require any extra maintenance apart from the pump installed.  The discharge of salts and biometrics are automatic, thus saving in blow down water, replenishment water and chemical dosage.  Every month, pressurized water cleaning is required, depends upon the character of the make-up water.

 Effect in Condenser:

The following photographs show the conditions of heat exchanger tubes before and after installation of “ElSr.” Previously (left), scale was adhering as much as heat exchanger tubes were blocked, but about half a year after installation (right), the adhesion status was significantly improved.

In this user’s case, one cooling water system covers multiple oil coolers.The image on the left shows the state of a heat exchanger before installation of ElSr. We can see contaminants as much as some heat exchanger tubes are blocked.


Conventionally, a rise in oil temperature by a decrease in thermal efficiency would be a problem. The image on the right shows the state of a heat exchangers under periodic maintenance that was performed half a year after installation of ElSr. Although a simple comparison cannot be made because the heat exchangers are different, a clear difference in contamination was confirmed. This result was highly regarded, and ElSr was installed in all cooling water systems within the operation site to realize non chemical water quality control.



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