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Process of Ionization in Tiaano ElSr:

During the Electrolysis…

a.   Due to water ionization, conductive materials / Salts available in the water are getting dissipated,

b.   And due to the Electro Chemical reaction, Cathode element generates caustic and hence the pH value is slightly enhancing in the vicinity of cathode, it leads…

1. Dissipated metals in the water will be deposited in the negative element / Cathode. Further, the downstream to our Reactor like condensers, Heat Exchangers, etc., will have, no chance for adhering both the permanent and temporary scales. 

2.   Entire water line of the Cooling Tower is Corrosion free, due to the ionization of water and remover of scales.

TSS Separation:

Due to the electrochemical reaction, in addition to the scale, TSS also stick on the Cathode, and it will be automatically removed time to time using self-cleaning drive, according to the pre-set. Hence TSS can’t be pass through the Condenser / Heat Exchanger. Below given electrochemical reaction sketch is self-explanatory.




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